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Inner Peace Group of Ottawa, Canada



The OTTAWA ACA ORGANIZATION is presently not holding in-person meetings but is hoping to restart meetings in some downtown location of Ottawa and perhaps on a different weekday evening once the COVID crisis is over.
In the meantime, some members have created an on-line meeting for the time being. See the Notices Page for more details. Please read this page carefully for details.

Current as of July 26, 2021 but subject to late changes. Newcomers and visitors from outside the region are always welcome to attend the meetings.  
Local contacts are listed at the bottom of this page.   Meetings are typically 1 hour and 30 minutes in duration.

For ACA meetings outside the Ottawa Region, go to the
World Service Organization ACA Meetings’ List.


NAME: Inner Peace Group / Courage to Change Group

PERIOD: Not Running at this Time

WHEN: Most Mondays at 7:15PM.
See SPECIAL NOTICE below for exceptions.

WHERE: Brewer Park Complex, 100 Brewer Way (the swimming pool building), near the south-east corner of Bronson Avenue and Sunnyside Street . Main entrance to the complex is at the traffic lights opposite to the Carleton University Alumni Hall.

ROOM: Lounge immediately to your right inside main entrance. Please be aware that most of the people in the front lobby are there to pick up children after their swimming lessons.

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE: Yes! Long gentle ramp outside entrance, no stairs inside.

PARKING: Plenty of free parking in large parking lot in front of building.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: OC Transpo Buses # 7, 10, 111, stops located at the corner of Bronson and Sunnyside. O-Train Line 2 (Carleton station, then 7 minute walk east).

SPECIAL MONDAY NOTICE: NO MEETINGS will be held until furter notice.

CONTACT: Email - “Peter N.” at el999@ncf.ca


Note: At this time no meeting exists and the former Regional Intergroup has been disbanded until further notice. A new group or committee will need to be created in order to establish new in-person meetings

Contact this site's webmaster “Peter N.” at el999@ncf.ca

Policy of Confidentiality: This website follows a strict policy of maintaining the anonymity of all individuals who contact the Webmaster. This complies with official Anonymous 12-step Organization policy. The identity of persons during any correspondence will be limited to:

    1. First name
    2. Initial of last name
    3. Region
 ( Example: “Peter N. of Ottawa, Canada.” )
 All Email addresses and full names will remain confidential to the Webmaster and his/her appointed assistant. The Webmaster does not maintain a list of contactee’s addresses and messages will be retained for correspondence purposes only within a secure computer environment. This Website does not use any “cookies”, intrusive or monitoring software.

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This page updated July 26, 2021.