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Inner Peace Group of Ottawa, Canada

Adult  Children  Anonymous

Also known as   Adult Children Of Alcoholics

A.C.A. / A.C.O.A.


Official Website of the “Inner Peace” ACA Group in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to All

The main purpose of this website is to serve the needs of the ACA Inner Peace group and newcomers to ACA in Ottawa, but most of the information would be useful to individuals everywhere.   Webmaster: Peter N. (as of Feb. 9, 2000)

Contacts: Email this Site’s Webmaster and read this website’s Policy of Confidentiality
Please be patient for reply as this site is only serviced periodically.

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Many thanks to the following volunteers for their contributions to the website:
  • Rick L : the Creator, Writer and Webmaster. ( Jan.30, 1997-Feb.9, 2000 )

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